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My opinion of the blogger newbie

Panji | 9 februari 2013

Hello, basically every blogger must have experienced first post on the blog, visitors can first, first add the widget, the first time decorating blog, and everything that could be considered a newbie behavior.

Newbie, if interpreted as the "new people" who are not steeped in the activities. or can be called a new start. a newbie usually only know a few basics.

based on experience 1 to 2 years ago, when I was still a newbie. at that time I still do not know anything about technology such as PC and mobile phone, let alone the internet. The first time I tried to create the site is free of XtGem, not bloggers.

in XtGem at that time, only provided the builder with an empty html tags and only html, body, head, and the default advertising alone. I was forced to create their own menu that is very, very simple. just use any link builder and no style whatsoever.

from there, me as a newbie in the world of web. I finally wandered to and fro with the aim of can figure out how to decorate the web. in the end I am very interested in html and inline css which has spent a newbie up to 1 year. wkwkwkwk

after probably a year, eventually enough to understand html and css inline. at that again the seasons download web templates. I ended up trying new things and practicing. I spent some time learning it about 6 months. but the results I was able to understand the external css and css code better, so I can create your own templates.

ok, a newbie mistake is after weary, cost, and time to fiddle with the web. a newbie must be very lazy when faced with updating the content. a newbie and want to quickly get more money from the web which is only good in appearance only.

yes, a newbie will be very pleased when your website has a great favorite despite not having visitors and income from the web. and will be more satisfied again when visitors praised his web view.

so my opinion about the web and new blogger newbie is a newbie would rather edit, modify, create, and try to view the web. compared to creating content (such as articles) and earn an income.

There is also another version of the newbie. are more like to have fast income in any way whether it's good or not.

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