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XtGem adding a new blog feature on xtblog

Panji | Sabtu 2 februari 2013

After a while I never use this feature because many XtGem owned xtblog deficiencies found in the feature. but after a couple of days ago when I tried to use it again, it turns out there are some additional features on xtblog.

I think these features make XtGem can compete with other blogs that are already mastered SEO.

there are some additional features that I feel. for example, features an updated url (seo expert said, it could be said to be seo friendly), continues to feature tag that still confuses me, and the last is the title that appears on the title page (which previously did not appear).

I became a passion to write the article using xtblog.

But there are still some shortcomings that still felt. especially at the time of post, post date, description, and keywords.

hopefully will continue to grow xtblog.

:) :) :D

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