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How to make snacks seblak

How to make snacks seblak

Often, when there is free time wanted snacking snacks spicy and wet. when I was bored so I try to find something in the kitchen. eh it turns out there are some ingredients that are limited lah. in the kitchen there are not fried crackers, chilli kencur, and onions-onions.

so the material is enough to be a processed snack. such materials will I make a simple seblak.

oh ya, before I make seblak, I have to set up the equipment in advance. for example: a pestle and mortar (Sunda) or use a blender, pans, and some bowls.

yap, I'll go how to make a simple seblak.

First, make crackers that are not fried soft brewed manner. kept aside in a bowl until wilted.

second, make the herb ingredients. kencur input, cayenne pepper, and onions-onions into a blender until smooth.

then heat the pan with a little oil (1 tablespoon). input and spices that have been mashed into the skillet earlier. and add salt or seasonings you like. fry until fragrant feels.

The next stage, which is brewed crackers drain was then input into the skillet. continue to saute until wilted crackers (if crackers are not wilted, add more water).

finish, lift and serve while warm.

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