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About glosarium.yn.lt | Created on October 25, 2012 | Hosting: Xtgem.com | Category: education, blogs, online learning, education | Language: Indonesia, English (other options). | A glossary in the various subject areas in Indonesia in the Online-per-word. has been online a few months ago and is still being updated and ongoing maintenance today. in the coming months hopefully this site can compete with the various sites and hopefully more complete sense of the word and glosariumnya. | Admin: Panji | Someone who likes the internet but could not have accomplished the pc or laptop, and likes to look for various word glossary in the back yard every textbook. and like the look of dollars on the internet but have not accomplished a dollar. haha, now a man who hopes to be able to look for venture capital in the real world through this virtual world sites. | Bandung, 26-10-12

http://glosarium.yn.lt - Panji
http://peribahasa.wapamp.com - Santy - panji (editor)
http://komputer.yn.lt - panji
http://kamus-otomotif.hexat.com - panji